Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Thank you, all who volunteered last year!

The LLAA Board of Directors thanks all our LLAA Volunteers who helped this past year on a variety of opportunities!

This year there were 12 Neighborhood Shoreline Monitors who conducted two early detection surveys for aquatic invasive species in meanders by boat this season in their section of their neighborhoods on the lake. They viewed aquatic vegetation located in the first 15 feet from shore where plants grow. They sampled in four to six spots noting the plant types and if there were any zebra mussels on the vegetation.

For the 35 or so zebra mussel settlement samplers (ZMSS) distributed for hanging on docks, 28 families have completed the survey this season so far. In addition, 14 other families volunteered space under their docks to help our Association help the Minnesota Aquatic Invasive Species Research Center pilot a system for detecting zebra mussels. Happily, no zebra mussels were found. If you need help to check your ZMSS and/or want a second opinion looking for ZM, email sharonmnatzel@gmail.com.

We had 10 orders from families for the “Restore the Shore” program this season. Adding trees and plants to your shoreland helps prevent runoff and erosion, promoting a healthy lake. We learned more about Gardening Lake Friendly, the fun “game show,” at our annual meeting thanks to our game show host and 3 volunteer contestants!  View (3 mins) at:

Did you know we have volunteers that check the Mud Lake culvert in case beaver have tried to plug it up again? Volunteers also clean off the pipes that get clogged with vegetation at the dam.

We thank the additional contributors for newsletters articles and our editor too. You’ll read about other volunteer opportunities in the Spring newsletter too.

If you are interested in “trying on” an activity by participating for a season, please let us know. We have training and shadowing opportunities to help you contribute. You’ll understand different aspects of our special Long Lake even more!

PS: we are in need of people with an interest in communications to help with the website and Facebook etc. 

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