Wednesday, November 24, 2021

President’s message: October 24, 2021


( I wrote this a month ago for the's picture is very different. Some snow on the ground and a temperature of 29 degrees..but not ice on the lake yet)   Hope everyone enjoys their Thanksgiving.

The Fall colors have come and gone. The temperature has turned cooler but the sunshine is strong, making the lake and sky very blue. Even though so many people have left for the winter, this is still a beautiful time to live on Long Lake.

With things slowing down, I had time to look at our history page for Long Lake. I have said many times that we should take time to read the abstracts/titles that we have on our lake property. I got mine out of the safe deposit box at the bank. The oldest date on my property here on Chippewa Loop was 1885. I read several notices about the county commissioners visiting lot sites to help assess the potential damages to lake lots because of the dam proposed by Joe Delaney, Joseph Replogle and W.S. Steele to be built at Hubbard. The next date was December 13, 1911, when James H. Burdick homesteaded this section. Then parts of the section went back and forth between several people: The Burdicks, Edith Vanderpool, Dolly & Sophia Story and N.B Donovan and eventually the Recreation Sites & Farm Company (a Minnesota corporation). Finally on March 15, 1930, the land was registered to my grandfather, H.J. White. The language in the old abstract is difficult to read, but it is certainly fun to see some of the old names. Find out what your abstract says before we lose these historical memories.

Anyway please enjoy the newsletter, enjoy your winter adventures and keep in touch on Facebook or the website. (Remember you can always email or call anyone on the board with questions, comments, and concerns)

Carolynne (CC) White

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