Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Landscaping Learning Opportunities

After our annual meeting presentations, your Long Lake Area Association Board has set the target value for reducing phosphorus in Long Lake by 43 pounds a year.  Please share this information with your family and neighbors so that we can achieve our goal of reducing phosphorous in our lake.  All it takes is for 50 of us to make some changes on our own lake shore properties.  Since there are around 250 members, that should be easy.  Take a look at the videos, slides, and the extension classes (links are below). 

What can you do on your lot?  Every little bit helps Long Lake.   

Send us pictures and details of your changes.  They would make fun blogs to post during the winter.

To help you learn more about what you can do, the University of Minnesota Extension Service is holding 2 virtual workshops. See the details in the flyer below.






















If you missed the Long Lake Association Annual Meeting on June 27, here is the link to the talks presented by Keith Manlove and Steve Henry regarding "Lake Friendly Living":    Lake Friendly Living and Gardening

If you haven't seen these presentations, please take the time to watch. It will be worth your time to see how we all can make a difference in keeping Long Lake healthy and clean.  The changes needed are often very simple.

As a Master Gardener Volunteer Keith is willing to do a walk through at your lake shore and suggest easy ways to make improvements. Contact him by email at

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