Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Noah's Fish Story

This is the information we were given on Noah's entry into the Kids Fishing Contest:
  •  Noah - age 5
  •  Fishing with dad on the boat using a trolling motor.
  •  The bait used was some sort of “fancy jig”.  (Mom doesn’t remember the specifics.)
  •  This large mouth bass was caught just off the point on the north end of Long Lake.
  •  Noah caught this fish during a last ditch effort before we headed back to the cities on Sunday, June 23rd.
  • This kid LOVES to fish. He spent countless hours on the dock, walking along the lakeside on the rocks, and out in the boat with his dad over the weekend. The rain and wind didn’t stop him - and he is one determined little boy. This bass was a dream come true, because it was the first time he landed one completely on his own. His last experience over Memorial Day was with dad catching, and him helping to net the fish. This weekend those roles were reversed and the smile on his face and the pride in his heart was evident for many miles and for many hours after the catch. ❤️

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