Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Conditional Use Permit for RV Park Denied (Update for Members)


Dear Long Lake Area Association members, neighbors and friends,

The Hubbard County Board of Commissioners met today and DENIED the Conditional Use Permit Application for an RV Park on Long Lake.  The Commissioners deliberated and asked a number of questions regarding the proposed RV Park.

The applicant was at the meeting and presented a number of arguments as to why he felt the Conditional Use Permit should be granted.  A number of neighbors were in attendance at the meeting and spoke in opposition of the proposal.

The Board of Commissioners Meeting Minutes will be out in about a month and the exact wording will be available at that time.  Four of the Commissioners voted to DENY the (CUP) Conditional Use Permit. (Note: The commissioners vote has been updated here after checking with local newspapers. The vote was misstated in the Board's original letter because hearing at these meetings can be difficult as they do not always use their microphones consistently.)  The primary reasons why they denied the CUP were the same reasons that, as a neighborhood and as a lake association, we have been concerned about this since Labor Day weekend when the entire lake became aware of the issue.
  •  The Long Lake Area Association (Hubbard County) Inc and the neighbors are NOT opposed to commercial development on Long Lake.  They are NOT opposed to the development of additional RV Parks on Long Lake.  It was felt the location of the proposed RV Park, located within a residential neighborhood, on a sensitive wetland that would be harmed by additional boat traffic was not a good use of the property.
  • The Commissioners expressed reservations about how the land would be developed and that there wasn't a clear plan of how earth would be moved, vegetation spared and the environment protected.
  • The Commissioners expressed concern over promises made by the applicant as to how the RV Park would be developed and operated, in absence of a clear construction and operating plan, given the applicant's history of violating the Shoreline Ordinance and DNR Regulations.
We want to thank ALL of you for the tremendous efforts in coming together to help the neighborhood and the lake! There were 104 people who wrote letters and emails of concern to the Board of Adjustment/Planning Commission.  There were 83 people in attendance at their meeting.  While your letters and presence at the Planning Commission meeting did not change the outcome that day, the Hubbard County Commissioners received every letter and several read them all.  Many of you sent emails or called the Commissioners too.  The team that met with the individual Commissioners helped.  Two of the Commissioners toured the island and looked at the proposed site and the Henrietta Township roads.  We know the visits, meetings, letters, phone calls and emails made an impact on our Commissioners.

The issue was complex and our Commissioners take their job seriously.   Jobs, economic progress and tourism are critically important to the area economy and our Commissioners are rightfully very sensitive to this issue and needed to balance that with the environmental and neighborhood impact.   They did their homework, talked to neighbors, listened, asked questions, read the letters, studied data, and their reasons for denying the CUP were well thought out.

Sincerely, The Long Lake Area Association (Hubbard County) Inc, Board of Directors


Unknown said...

From the bottom of my heart, thanks to ALL of you who did so much in helping receive the Denial of the RV park!!!!I am an 86 year old owner of the property right across the road from the proposed site and have spent my summers on Long Lake since 1954! I am relieved, happy and so appreciative for the support from the many lovers of Long Lake!!!
Thanks again, Ruby Silliman Gustafson

Gary Korsgaden said...

Each of the Commissioners voted to DENY the Conditional Use Permit (CUP).

Is this statement correct, was told vote was 4-1, was I misinformed appreciate update thanks Gary Korsgaden

john C Knoblauch said...

To all Long Lake area residents!! (Yes, that is correct..the vote was 4 to 1 ..)

Hi, I am your friend and neighbor.. My family has been over on Hinds Lake for over 70 years.. We are the family that recently won a lawsuit against Hubbard County... Just want you all to be aware, do not become complainant with this Hubbard board of Commissioners and the Hubbard County environmental office....Yes, this was a huge victory with the denial of the RV park. I agree,,,, But after what myself and many of my neighbors and friends have been through, we have unfortunately seen the real side of the old guard Hubbard County commissioners... you were lucky this time that you just happen to hit them close to election time where two of the old guard are up for reelection.
Gang, Lets move Hubbard County up to the 20th century, where you do not have to put up a fight to stop a silly RV park next to a wetland... This development proposal was sooo ridiculous.....If you are a full time resident and will be voting Nov. 6th, Do all of us taxpayers a favor and vote in the two new challengers. Next time you have a issue come up in regards to the Hubbard County shoreland Management ordinance or environmental issues, in a non election year, you will be happy you did..

Long Lake Area Association said...

Thanks for catching this error, Gary. We checked the Enterprise and they have reported as a 4 to 1 vote.. We corrected the blog above.

Gary Korsgaden said...

Understand mistakes happen

CC White said...
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Gary Korsgaden said...

Today's article in the Enterprise, well done no bias to either side.....

Long Lake Area Association said...

This is link to correction in the Enterprise article: http://www.parkrapidsenterprise.com/news/government-and-politics/4516960-cup-denied-bolton-bay-rv-park