Sunday, February 26, 2017

Eaglets Hatching Soon

Baby eagles from the MN DNR webcam nest should hatch in about a week!  The link to the DNR eaglecam is always in the "Webcams" box on the sidebar or you can click here:
Minnesota DNR Eagle Cam

 According to the Minnesota DNR:

The bald eagles have been diligently incubating the eggs in the nest for nearly a month.  The male and female take turns keeping their eggs warm and dry in a deep pocket in the middle of the nest.  Even though the nest has at times looked chilly and sometimes was covered in snow, bald eagles in Minnesota have adapted to laying and caring for eggs in these conditions.

According to

Baby eagles are called eaglets or chicks.  Bald eagle chicks hatch out of round or oval eggs that have been incubated for approximately 35 days.  They weigh about 2 ounces when they're born and can gain 6 ounces of weight every day.

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