Wednesday, November 18, 2015

LLAA (Autumn 2015) Newsletter

On September 15, 2015, a specimen of a young eagle that had died was delivered to the Park Rapids DNR Wildlife Office.  It had been found electrocuted near a Long Lake power pole and had a Cisco in its talons.  [Perhaps it hadn’t listened to its parents when told to choose a tall pine tree for a dinner table?]  Read our Fall 2015 Newsletter to learn about an intriguing "likely scenario" and why this picture is a "wake-up call" to help the Cisco.  [Click on the photo for a closer look.]

Also in the newsletter:
  • LLAA Foundation Update
  • Watercraft Inspection/Education Recap for Summer 2015
  • Cinder Block Hosting for Early Detection Sampling for AIS
  • Upcoming Events for Long Lake
  • Wildlife here at Long Lake
  • Neighborhood Get-togethers
  • and MORE!
You can find a list of links to Long Lake Area Association's Board Meeting Minutes and Newsletters posted on our Board Communications page.

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