Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Do You Know these Facts about Long Lake?

These facts are based on 2013 Hubbard County GIS data.
  • Long Lake has 500 unique lake shore parcel owners.
  • There are 622 parcels on this 1926.07 acre lake.
  • Long Lake is the most valuable lake in the county based on the county assessor data from 2013.
  • The Taxable Market Value (TMV) for water related properties in Hubbard Township is about $166 million and Hubbard is the 4th most valuable township in Hubbard County.
  • The agricultural lands are part of the other 30% of the TMV in Hubbard Township.
  • There are 136 residential parcels (full homestead) and 364 non-homestead or “seasonal” residents.
  • There are 5 resorts and 1 campground plus 2 public accesses with parking.
✔️The MPCA 1989 Ground Water Contamination Susceptibility Map depicts this area with the highest susceptibility to groundwater contamination.

Photo by L.L.K.Johnson
 This is what we are working to protect.

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