Sunday, June 28, 2015

Pictures and Notes From Annual Meeting 2015

Over 93 people attended the Long Lake Area Association annual meeting on Saturday morning. First the group heard an excellent talk from Christine Herwig, the Regional Non Game Specialist, from Minnesota's DNR.  Christine shared information on eagles, herons, loons, trumpeter swans, ospreys and other wildlife such as otters in the area.  She said most of these species are doing OK in Minnesota but each has a few concerns that we need to be aware of in order to keep the species healthy.  She also shared information on how we can all help keep our lake clear and healthy by being careful with our shoreline, by planting native plants, and watching out for invasive plants such as the Japanese Knotweed or Non Native Water Lily.  (Check out our Shore Management page for more information.) She also talked a little about pine beetles, turtles, amphibians and AIS.  Christine mentioned several books and pamphlets that would be good sources of information: Resource Link to DNR.

The next part of the meeting conducted by our president, Sharon Natzel, covered all the details of the association such as approval of last year's minutes, and treasurer's report from Doug Bakken for both the association and the LLAA Foundation. There were reports from various board members:
    ◦    Jeff Bjorkman on AIS monitoring
    ◦    Jaimie Beretta on Events and the Kids Fishing Contest
    ◦    Dave Anderson on the LLAA Foundation which is now 5 years old
    ◦    Sharon Natzel on pine bark beetles, lake monitoring, groundwater planning and Sandpiper pipeline updates

Elections were held for Neighborhoods 2, 4, and 6.  Two new people were welcomed to the board:  Monica Wilkins from Neighborhood 6 and Pam Petersen from Neighborhood 4

Dave Anderson, Arthur Howe and Renee Gust were thanked for their service on the board.

And of course at the end Door Prizes were drawn with the grand prize basket going to Dave Peterson of Neighborhood 5.

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