Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Summers past in Park Rapids

 Tom Rice, grandson of Lloyd Stover (one of surveyors who named Stover Bay) and long time Long Lake summer resident has found a way to share his hobby for collecting brochures, maps etc from Long Lake's past.   He has started a blog.  As Tom says: 
It's a "very, very skeleton first attempt at a blog.... I picked the Park Rapids theme to show off a few of the early northern Minnesota lake brochures I’ve collected over the years." 

Link to Tom Rice's blog about lake brochures from 1930s to 1970s
Tom's blog has many samples of the brochures that he is collecting about Park Rapids from Fuller's Tackle Shop to Hamilton's Island.  Explore the different entries, you may find something familiar.  You can also find the his blog link on the history page for future reference.  This way you can check back to see further updates.

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