Saturday, August 4, 2012

Beautiful Day for a Walk in the Forest

This afternoon nine people came for a guided tour by LuAnne White of White's Tree Farm on Chippewa Loop.  The tree farm was officially started in 1963 by Harold and Delpha White and then continued by their son, Richard.  Now LuAnne and her sister, CC, continue the tradition.  The tree farm is maintained according to a plan registered with the DNR as a tree farm that provides managed pine growth and habitat for wildlife. Three years ago the Whites donated an easement to the 100 acres to the Minnesota Land Trust.  This keeps the land as a green, natural space that will never be built on but enjoyed by lake residents.  It also preserves the watershed which helps protect the lake. 

LuAnne guided the group along the trails and pointed out various types of trees, wildlife signs, flowers and some grasses. Others used their knowledge to identify various fungi.  The group even caught a little garter snake.  Below are pictures of the group before they headed into the woods.

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