Saturday, November 5, 2011

Weekend Web Links

Have you heard?  Hubbard County has a new park.  It's the La Salle Lake State Recreation Area located eight miles north of Itasca State Park.  The following link will take you to information about it from the DNR:

Yesterday there seemed to be a sea of orange everywhere - in traffic, in hunting camps near the roadways, in stores, restaurants and gas stations.  The Minnesota firearms opener for the 2011 deer hunting season was this morning and the DNR, of course, has a web page that covers pretty much any question you may have about it.

"Up Close" by L.L.Kooyer

Hunters are easy to spot in their blaze orange, but it's difficult to distinguish the deer from their surroundings.

"Six" by L.L.Kooyer
"Alert" by L.L.Kooyer

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Stu said...

Wonderful pictures, but it looks like a gray world up there now. That is except for the hunter orange which is so abundant this time of year!