Sunday, January 9, 2011

COLA v Hubbard County update

The following is information received from Dan Kittelson, Hubbard COLA president, regarding the Board of Adjustment suit.

To: COLA Collaborative ParticipantS & Friends of COLA
Re: COLA v. Hubbard County
You can find complete information on the Hubbard COLA website at:
You will also find the Affidavit's listed on the website.
I would encourage you to go to our website to learn more about our lawsuit.
Next Thursday, January 13th in the Hubbard District Court the Judge will hear oral arguments from both sides on the Motions for Summary Judgment. He will not rule from the bench at that time, but will take the matter under advisement and issue his decision at a later date, but before the scheduled trial date of some time during the week of February 14th. The trial will proceed only if the Judge decides that neither side is entitled to Summary Judgment.
Our attorney has advised us to encourage Hubbard COLA members, lakeshore property owners & the public to attend the Summary Judgment hearing on January 13th.  A large attendance of lakeshore property owners & the public will demonstrate to the Judge that Hubbard County residents feel strongly about enforcing the Shoreland Management Ordinance & protecting the economic and environmental values of our property & lake.
Dan Kittilson, President
Hubbard COLA


Lakeseasons said...

Hi Barb, Thank you for this information. Do you know the place and time of the hearing for those who would like to be there?

Barb Roberts said...

2 pm, Hubbard County Courthouse.