Saturday, October 16, 2010

Message about webcam

Welcome to the new look of Long Lake Association's web site.  Please let us know what you think of the improvements and be patient while we continue to make changes.

We have already gotten feedback from a couple of users about our "new website" concerning the webcam.  The webcam was a popular feature on the old site, but as you probably already know, it's been broken for some time.  The association is no longer going to finance and maintain a webcam, however, we are hoping someone on the lake (or maybe more than one) will host a webccam independently or has one now and will allow us to link to it.
UPDATE/NOTICE (November, 2011) _ There are webcam links on right the sidebar.  As of this update there are two links.  We had hoped to add a third in October that would focus on the lake through the winter months as was discussed at the 2011 Annual Meeting, however, due to technical problems that camera is not available.  However, the "Long Lake Purple Martin Colony" camera is working well to view lake and weather conditions here.

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