Lake Management

Long Lake Minor Watershed Protection Strategy
This linked chart of the "Long Lake Minor Watershed Protection Strategy" is a slightly newer version of the one found on pg.69 of the Hubbard County Local Water Plan, 2016 - 2026, by Julie Kingsley of the Hubbard County Soil and Water Conservation District.  The new chart has data from 2009 to Spring of 2016.  The Local Water Plan is updated every 5 years.

Link to updated strategy:  Long Lake Minor Watershed Protection Strategy
2014 DNR Fisheries Survey

Follow these links for information on fish populations in the lake:
Fisheries Survey of Long Lake
Q&A with Doug Kingley, MN DNR Fisheries, about the 2014 survey

Long Lake Resident Online Survey

Long Lake residents had the opportunity to participate in an online survey that was part of Indiana University's (School of Public and Environmental Affairs) spring 2013 capstone course entitled, "Lake Management Associations: Developing Sustainability Guidelines.”  As our "living" lake management plan is updated over time, the responses of the 123 residents who took part in the survey which was mailed to 266 Long Lake residents, will definitely be taken into consideration.  For example, the ranking of the top four concerns were aquatic invasive species, lake pollution from agricultural runoff, pollution from shoreline residences, and shoreline owners understanding of issues.
Survey results:  Long Lake - Lakeshore Resident Online Survey

Long Lake Management Plan and Appendices
You will want to peruse the Lake Management Plan for Long Lake, Hubbard County put together by Larry Roberts.  It's full of interesting facts, both current and historical, about Long Lake.
√ DNR Fisheries Plan for Long Lake

Read the plan here:  MN DNR Fisheries Management Plan for Long Lake
Contact Information:  Doug Kingsley
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