Sunday, November 3, 2019

Plan for Replanting at South Access

The construction company has finished their work on the south access for this year. Some of the grasses have been planted.  Several plants and trees were in the way of the construction plan, but with help of volunteers from the Lake Association the plant life will return.

Special thanks to Sam Erickson who owns the tree farm toward the southeast end of Long Lake on County 20.  Sam graciously allowed the Long Lake Area Association to transplant some of his trees (free of charge) to the south access.  Fifteen Red Pines and three Spruce trees were dug and moved this autumn.  When these hardy little trees awake from dormancy next spring in their new location, they should do just fine! 

In May 2020, when a donated tree/shrub "Restore the Shore" order arrives, volunteers will add additional plants at the south access.  Red Oaks will be sprinkled in with the Red Pines and Spruce trees.  Juneberry shrubs will also be added to help screen the picnic area from the parking lot.

We would appreciate it if you would make some time this May to help with the planting project.  Many hands make the work easier.

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