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Information Concerning Proposed RV Trailer Park on Long Lake

Below is the letter that has just been emailed to all members on the details of a proposed RV Trailer Park on Long Lake. 

September 6, 2018 
Dear Long Lake Lakeshore Owners, 

We want to inform you about applications for a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) and 5 variances to the Shoreland Ordinance (1 is an after-the-fact) that are being requested by a Long Lake property owner to build and operate a high density RV park on the northwest shore of Long Lake in the shallow bay on the north side of Pine Island (an area identified by the DNR as a public water wetland). The address is 18080 Emerald Island Circle, Hubbard County Parcel ID: 13.42.05000. 

The proposal is to establish 14 RV sites, 6 tent camping sites, plus a bathhouse on 4.25 acres. The extended boat dock would be capable of housing 8 boats and lake service providers would be allowed to install boat lifts and/or personal watercraft lifts. For further details about the applications please see the Environmental Services Agenda. (You will see the link below.)  Please note the following sections:
CUP 2-CU-18 page 35 ”Site Plan Parcel 13.42.05000” to orient you, plus page 55 “Conditional Use Permit – responses to August 29, 2018 letter” where it states “The shooting range will
not be available to my renters.” There is a small window of opportunity to provide your own comments, both written and/or in person regarding the proposed RV Park. The comment instructions and timelines are at the end of the document.

On Sunday, 9/2/2018, at 2 PM, the Long Lake Area Association (LLAA) held an informational meeting at Northwoods Bank Community Room on the proposed RV Park which was attended by close to 90 individuals. The proposed development was discussed and questions answered. LLAA’s mission is to be an advocate for the quality of life within our lake community through education and communications. Our strategic actions include improving communications, assessing members expectations and strengths, defining our values, expanding membership, growing the association’s activities, improving area infrastructure, assessing economic issues, promoting safety and security, and protecting Long Lake. This mission and our values support the association’s involvement in educating our LLAA community on this project and encouraging communication with the appropriate county government of our concerns. 

On 9/24/18, at 6 PM at the Hubbard County Court House Rm #324, both of the applications for the proposed RV Park are on the Environmental Services agenda attached. The variance 31-V-18 (doc 39002) will be reviewed by the Board of Adjustment and the Conditional Use Permit 2-CU-18 (doc 39028) will be reviewed by the Planning Commission. Here’s the link to the online September agenda where you can view these large documents which take a couple minutes to appear after you click the links:
Environmental Services, September 2018 Agenda
Verbal 3 minute comments per speaker per agenda item are during the public comment section of the meetings. 

On 9/20/18, the onsite property review is planned for 9:05 AM (+/- 30 mins) for the BOA and the public may observe and listen. It is important that you provide a written letter with your comments if you have concerns about the proposed RV Park. We have included talking points below, some of which may be included in your comment letter. These letters must be received by Environmental Services by Sept 11, 4:30 PM if they are to be included in the packet for the Board of Adjustment members to review prior to their onsite visit. This is especially important if you would like the BOA to pay particular attention to certain project features during the onsite property review; be sure to note that specifically. Written comments can be provided until Wed 9/19/18 at 4:30 PM on the variance 31-V-18 and the CUP 2-CU-18. These written comments received 9/12 to 9/19/18 until 4:30 PM will then be provided to the BOA just prior to the onsite property review on 9/20/18. 

Additional research is being conducted by the LLAA Board of Directors regarding the potential for impacts to Long Lake. Considerations include the Hubbard County Local Water Management Plan plus the Crow Wing River Watershed Restoration and Protection Strategy (WRAPS) document from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. Both documents list Long Lake (DNR ID 29016100) as the priority lake in Hubbard County for protection. Long Lake is also one of the top 200 lakes in Minnesota for phosphorus sensitivity. A question for the BOA would be “Does this potential project have plans in place for proper erosion management which is key in maintaining Long Lake’s (Hubbard County) water quality?” 

We will continue to update the Long Lake Area Association website home page ( and also the Shoreland Ordinance section and include how to find the Hubbard County Environmental Services records easily. We hope you find this information helpful so that you can feel comfortable being part of the public comment process. We would like to thank the LLAA Neighborhood 6 residents who have stepped forward with research, time, and money. 


The Board of Directors of the Long Lake Area Association (Hubbard County) Inc 

✔️Potential Talking Points some of which could be included in your letter for the Condition Use Permit: 
  • Is the requested use consistent with the goal of preventing and controlling water pollution, including sedimentation and nutrient loading? 

  •  Will the requested use not adversely affect the site’s existing topography, drainage features, and vegetative cover? 

  • Has the erosion potential of the site based upon the degree and direction of the slope, soil type, and existing vegetative cover been adequately addressed for the requested use? 

  • Is the site in harmony with existing and proposed access roads? 

  • Is the requested use compatible with adjacent land uses? 

  •   Are the affected public waters suited to and able to safely accommodate the types, uses, and numbers of 
watercraft that the use will generate?
✔️Potential Talking Points for the variance application with 5 separate variances listed: 
  • Is the need for a variance due to circumstances unique to the property and not created by the current or prior property owners? 

  • Will the issuance of the variance maintain the essential character of the locality? 

  •  Does the stated practical difficulty involve more than just economic considerations? 

Please avoid personal feelings about the proposal or the owner and focus on facts and information concerning the protection of Long Lake.

Address Information for your comments:

-Subject: 2-CU-18 and 31-V-18. 
-You need to include your complete name and address of residence plus 
your Hubbard County address if applicable also. 

Send to

Eric Buitenwerf

Environmental Services Director Hubbard County Environmental Services 
301 Court Avenue

Park Rapids, MN 56470 


Tues 9/11/18– 4:30 PM – comments that you want included in the 9/12 packet for the Board of Adjustments to help them prepare for the onsite property review. State that you want your comments included in the BOA packet and would like the BOA to pay particular attention to during the property review on Thurs 9/20/18.

Wed 9/19/18 – 4:30 PM – final deadline for written comments for the CUP 2-CU-18 and the variance application 31-V-18. Comments received are provided to the BOA on 9/20 morning in time for the onsite property reviews.

Thurs 9/20/18 – 9:05 AM +/- 30 Minutes is the expected time the onsite property review will begin for the proposed RV Park (so be there earlier than 9:05, like 8:50 AM, in case the BOA is ahead of schedule) The public can observe the BOA onsite property review by following behind the BOA once they arrive and observe and listen. Please do not enter the lot until after the BOA arrives. 

Monday 9/24/18– 6 PM is the BOA Meeting for the Variances for 31-V-18 and others on agenda. The Planning Commission meeting follows the BOA meeting. During each meeting, there is a public comment opportunity for 3 minutes speaking time limit per speaker per agenda item. See the Meeting Procedure on Environmental Services Website or on the LLAA website on the Shoreland Ordinance tab.

For general information on Hubbard County Environmental Services check out our new page:  Shoreland Ordinance

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