Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Could Spring Come Early???!!!

These photos were taken last weekend by Nolan Kern and he sent them to us to share them with you.  His family has a cabin on Beach Haven Road.  His pictures show how the snow is starting to melt a bit, but most of all Nolan is sharing with us the beauty of Long Lake in this winter season.

There are things to do and beauty to be seen here at the lake year round. Click on the individual photos to see each of them in a larger format.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

A History Lesson in Long Lake Lot Economics!

These initial Long Lake Shore Owners were provided Lots in 1868 as Soldiers Script and sold the entire 89.63 acres just two years later for $1222:
  • Lots 2 & 3 near the southwest end of Long Lake in Section 17-139-34 were sold by Joseph Gaylord Smith in Feb 1870 for $1222.00 for the entire 89.63 acres. Joseph had received the two lots as Soldiers Script in February 1868. He and his wife, Mary B. Smith undoubtedly enjoyed their cash flow from the sale of these lots on Long Lake. 
In approximately 1885 with the building of the dam and the flooding of existing shoreline, there was some devaluing of certain lots.

Fast Forward to 1923 when three men and their families purchased lots on the then newly mapped Pine Haven Beach development in the southwest portion of Long Lake; Joe Tam, Don Sanders and Bill Burnett. The men all worked in various capacities for the Des Moines Post Office. Joe Tam and Bill Burnett split a lot so each family could be safe and close to each other on the 50 foot lots.
Taxes in approximately 1934 or earlier were about $4 a front foot. Later, Joe Tam’s daughter Barbara (2nd generation) and her husband, George Curtis purchased a cabin and lot for $400 on Long Lake.

In 1969, Barbara & George Curtis’s daughter, Judy (3rd generation) explored the idea of purchasing land on the northeast side of Long Lake in 1969 when she was approximately 35 years of age:
  • The letter from the land owner of Eagle Bay Lots at that time explains the front foot rate is between $30-35 depending on the lot. The terms on any offered tracts are equal to $500 down per each lot, with balance payable per month in the money equivalent to 5/7 ounces of gold, including interest at 6.5% per annum...... The seller goes on to explain that “Since our money is being devalued so rapidly, it is necessary in self- protection to make this provision, as money paid in the future could quite conceivably have about the same value as German marks after World Wars I and II...... “
  • Read more about the interesting marketing approaches by the land owner that includes the future price of a hamburger sandwich, the prized eating qualities of Long Lake’s fish, and a cash deal also which doesn’t involve the gold equivalents – now in our Long Lake History.
  • Original letter
Judy did not end up purchasing a lot on Long Lake but continued to enjoy her parent’s cabin on the East side near Dakota Beach. Special thanks to Barbara Curtis for sharing this piece of Long Lake history with us from her late daughter’s estate records.

Remember -     It’s your turn now to record and share your family stories!

Monday, January 16, 2017

A “Birds Eye View” of a portion of the Long Lake Minor Watershed!

Special thanks to the Marie & Tom Hass group who flew over and snapped pictures in early November 2016 after the leaves were down.  Marie’s family home is on Crystal Beach on the east side. She grew up on Long Lake. They were helping explore from the air to see if there was a visible river connecting some of the lakes in our Long Lake Minor Watershed.  Older MN maps show a river connecting Sweitzer and Mud / Long.  It wasn't possible  last autumn to tell from a boat on Mud Lake as fallen trees and high brush at the north end limited visibility and any passage.  

The first photo below is Rockwell Lake with visible wetland/water between Sweitzer Lake on right.  Long Lake is at the top right.  You can see Mud Lake in the middle of the picture, separated from Long Lake by Hwy 34 where a culvert allows water to flow year-round.  Sweitzer has a smaller culvert where water flows toward Mud/Long year-round.  No surface water connection is visible between the water bodies currently;  just wetlands.

Darrin Hoverson, our local MN DNR Hydrologist, gave an excellent Long Lake Watershed power point presentation at our June Annual Meeting (view  here).  Darrin answers additional questions below on the groundwater connections.  

Darrin explained that the Long Lake Minor Watershed system of lakes is connected through groundwater and, at times, the surface water, when waters get high.  Sweitzer Lake is near the top of the surface- and ground- watershed.  Generally the water flow direction flows towards Mud Lake and then into Long Lake.

The green lines on the 1st map below shows an area just north of Sweitzer Lake where the four minor basins meet.  Surface water would flow towards those four basins; Deer/Ida, Ingram/Potato, Fish Hook, and Sweitzer/Long.  Much of this area does not have a connected surface for water to flow, but water will infiltrate into the ground then move as groundwater.  There is a lot of water stored in the ground.  When water flows through the culverts in late winter from Sweitzer and Mud (after no liquid precipitation has fallen) this is known as base flow.  The volume of water is close to the amount discharging from groundwater (springs) into this surface water system.  We are able to see the flow direction for the surface water in red in the 2nd map below with the 2-foot contours map overlay.  The flow direction is from Rockwell, Sweitzer to Mud, then Long.  When the county Geologic Atlas comes out in the next couple years, Darrin says we can learn more about the deeper groundwater connections.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Noah's Fishing Story

1.  This is Noah.
2.  Noah was fishing with his dad for one of the first times in his life!
3.  The bait used was corn.
4.  His family's cabin is on the northeast end of the lake.
5.  The fish was caught over the 4th of July weekend, 2016.
6.  Noah's dad (and many extended family members) love to fish.  Noah is just getting started. 🐟

This fishing contest runs until just before the Annual Meeting in June.. So don't forget your ice fishing pictures into us also.  The contest is open to kids from 5 to 15 years old.  For the complete rules click here

Remember take pictures of your winter ice fishing experiences too.  

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Join the fun

Now that the "snow birds" are on their way South, start out 2017 the best way ever by gathering with Long Lake friends at Zorbaz on Saturday, January 7, at 6 pm
Be there or be square!