Sunday, November 3, 2019

Plan for Replanting at South Access

The construction company has finished their work on the south access for this year. Some of the grasses have been planted.  Several plants and trees were in the way of the construction plan, but with help of volunteers from the Lake Association the plant life will return.

Special thanks to Sam Erickson who owns the tree farm toward the southeast end of Long Lake on County 20.  Sam graciously allowed the Long Lake Area Association to transplant some of his trees (free of charge) to the south access.  Fifteen Red Pines and three Spruce trees were dug and moved this autumn.  When these hardy little trees awake from dormancy next spring in their new location, they should do just fine! 

In May 2020, when a donated tree/shrub "Restore the Shore" order arrives, volunteers will add additional plants at the south access.  Red Oaks will be sprinkled in with the Red Pines and Spruce trees.  Juneberry shrubs will also be added to help screen the picnic area from the parking lot.

We would appreciate it if you would make some time this May to help with the planting project.  Many hands make the work easier.

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

South Access Now Open

Good News! 
Sharon Natzel has talked with Jerry Brosdahl, Hubbard Township Supervisor, at their meeting and the South Access is now officially open.  There is additional work that is yet to be completed.  For example, there will be more paint striping done and the mat for the berm between the road and the access is currently on order and will be installed when more of it is received.  The electric company will soon hook up the light and there is still work planned for the toilet facility and potentially cement on the south ramp between the water and tar.  Planting will mostly take place next spring to give the plants the best chance of survival.

Saturday, September 21, 2019

Update on the South Access

Sharon Natzel drove by the South Access on Friday and called to talk to the Hubbard County Highway Department.  She also heard from two other folks who had stopped by on Friday to talk with the contractors.  


The conclusion:  If there are no rain delays, it should be open for next weekend.  (September 28th or 29th)


We will post an update when it opens. 


Remember the North Access is available as usual.

This last picture (taken by Sharon) shows fall colors at the access.

Friday, August 16, 2019

Life Jackets & Minnesota Law

We've had some questions about life jacket requirements, especially for children.  General advice from those of us who have been coming here "forever" is to wear a life jacketThis means even (and especially) on paddle boards, paddle boats, and kayaks etc.  If you are out by yourself a good distance from shore, a life jacket makes it easier to recover from an accident.  There are lots of big boats out there (making big waves) and they may not see smaller craft.  You may be a strong swimmer, but helping someone in a panic can sap your energy and strength very quickly.  Life jackets just make everything safer.  As my grandmother used to say, "a life jacket on a kid also serves as a handle."  You can easily grab onto a life jacket on a wet kid, which makes it important that the life jacket fit properly. A snug fit is a proper fit.  See:

From the DNR:

Child Life Jacket Wear Law Summary

life vest on a child
A legal measure that went into effect in 2005 requires children under age ten to wear a life jacket while boating in Minnesota.


Requires life jacket to be worn by children less than 10 years of age when aboard watercraft in Minnesota when the craft is under way (not tied up at a dock or permanent mooring).
Selecting a life vest for your child »
Wear your life jacket, get a treat »

  • When in an enclosed cabin or below the top deck on a watercraft.
  • When on an anchored boat that is a platform for swimming or diving.
  • When aboard a charter (passenger) craft with a licensed captain.
DNR Boating Guide

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Update: South Access

Long Lake’s South Access, just off of Highway 87 near Hubbard, is getting the facelift that was discussed at our LLAA Annual Meeting by Township Chair Jerry Brosdahl.

The project is expected to start on or before August 19th with completion in 15 business days if the weather cooperates.

The North Access on Long Lake, just off Hwy 34, has plenty of parking for trailers/vehicles for boaters to use in the meantime.

Here is the link to the recent article in the Park Rapids Enterprise (PRE):

When this project is completed we will post the after pictures.