Sunday, November 29, 2015

The History Page has Just Added 4 New Memories of Long Lake

The History page (tab above) has links to stories, documents, and other items from Long Lake Association Members. (short cut to history page)
The most recent entries will be at the top of the list under the title "History: Story Links". 

Each story is shared on our history page with hopes of inspiring others to share their stories of Long Lake - whether your family came in the 1920s or just last year.  We all have a unique story as to how, why, and when we came to this lake.

Holiday time is a perfect time to talk with your grandparents, parents, etc.  Listen to their stories.  For those of you who are comfortable with technology, try the app from Story Corps.  This group is collection personal stories from all over the nation for storage in the Smithsonian.  Record your conversations for them, but make a copy for us.  Email the audio file or written story to  We would love to have old pictures too.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

LLAA (Autumn 2015) Newsletter

On September 15, 2015, a specimen of a young eagle that had died was delivered to the Park Rapids DNR Wildlife Office.  It had been found electrocuted near a Long Lake power pole and had a Cisco in its talons.  [Perhaps it hadn’t listened to its parents when told to choose a tall pine tree for a dinner table?]  Read our Fall 2015 Newsletter to learn about an intriguing "likely scenario" and why this picture is a "wake-up call" to help the Cisco.  [Click on the photo for a closer look.]

Also in the newsletter:
  • LLAA Foundation Update
  • Watercraft Inspection/Education Recap for Summer 2015
  • Cinder Block Hosting for Early Detection Sampling for AIS
  • Upcoming Events for Long Lake
  • Wildlife here at Long Lake
  • Neighborhood Get-togethers
  • and MORE!
You can find a list of links to Long Lake Area Association's Board Meeting Minutes and Newsletters posted on our Board Communications page.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Remembering Bella Sanders

Isabella "Bella" Frazier Sanders, 85, of Park Rapids. MN passed away on Thursday, October 1, 2015 at Heritage Living Center in Park Rapids, Minnesota.

Bella and her husband, John, spent many summers on Long Lake and in 1987 they moved permanently to their lake home.  Eventually Bella moved into Park Rapids to live, but she continued to support the Long Lake Area Association in many ways including joining the ladies for the monthly lunch gatherings.

Our historical Long Lake "Ice In/Ice Out" data was provided by Bella and John Sanders.  Bella also provided historical pictures and an original abstract from the early Sanders cabin on Pine Haven Beach for display at our LLAA Annual Meeting History Area and at the Hubbard Sleigh Festival History Area. When she sold her Long Lake home, she presented it to the current owners.  She also contributed to the History information for Long Lake Area Association and encouraged all of us to do the same.

Bella will be missed by the association but her "stories" will live on.  The history page will be posting some of the documents and her stories later this month.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Thanks to Long Lake Families

Thanks go to the 82 Long Lake families who donated close to $14,000 to the Friends of the Headwaters (FOH) and their legal representatives at the Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy (MCEA) last winter, to reroute the proposed Sandpiper oil pipeline and protect our waters.

On September 14th, the MN Court of Appeals ruled in favor of the MCEA/FOH contention that the Minnesota Environmental Policy Act (MEPA) requires that an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) be completed for the Sandpiper pipeline before a final decision is made by the MN Public Utilities Commission to grant or deny a Certificate of Need.

In the meantime, Enbridge has filed for a Certificate of Need for a second, larger pipeline, called Line 3 Replacement, to carry Canadian tar sands oil alongside the proposed Sandpiper route.  The EIS has not been done for this pipeline either.  This process is just at the "Comment" stage which ends Sept 30th.  The last LLAA eblast described additional potential topics for comment and how to comment.

On September 17th  the MN Environmental Quality Board (EQB) approved the 2015 Water Policy Report called "Beyond the Status Quo" which proposes solutions to Minnesota's pressing water challenges.   Read, reflect, and act

Also consider that the Minnesota EQB may be best positioned to lead the EIS process above and submit your comments to the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission about Line 3. The Comment Period for Line 3 Replacement ends Wed 9/30.  See page 3 in the following link for instructions to submit electronically or by U.S. Postal Service: