Sunday, November 18, 2018

Weird Weather! Your Guess on Ice IN is as Good as the Weatherman's

This video was made Wednesday, 11/14/2018.

Then the weather changed..  for the next 3 days the temperature went just above freezing and the lake was ice free again.
Today, Sunday, 11/18/2018, there is ice forming on the lake once again.

So what is your guess?

When will Long Lake be completely covered with ice?

Take a look at the past graphs and charts. (   Look at the long range forecast.

Then make your guess.
Send it in an email to
with your name and email for us to contact you.

We will collect all your guesses and from them choose by a random drawing the winner of a wonderful winter quilt hanging (pictured here) from Monika's Quilt & Yarn Shop. The quilt will be awarded during the annual meeting in June of 2019.

The person (or persons) whose entry comes closest to the actual Ice-In date will be featured in a post on the blog in December this year.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Conditional Use Permit for RV Park Denied (Update for Members)


Dear Long Lake Area Association members, neighbors and friends,

The Hubbard County Board of Commissioners met today and DENIED the Conditional Use Permit Application for an RV Park on Long Lake.  The Commissioners deliberated and asked a number of questions regarding the proposed RV Park.

The applicant was at the meeting and presented a number of arguments as to why he felt the Conditional Use Permit should be granted.  A number of neighbors were in attendance at the meeting and spoke in opposition of the proposal.

The Board of Commissioners Meeting Minutes will be out in about a month and the exact wording will be available at that time.  Four of the Commissioners voted to DENY the (CUP) Conditional Use Permit. (Note: The commissioners vote has been updated here after checking with local newspapers. The vote was misstated in the Board's original letter because hearing at these meetings can be difficult as they do not always use their microphones consistently.)  The primary reasons why they denied the CUP were the same reasons that, as a neighborhood and as a lake association, we have been concerned about this since Labor Day weekend when the entire lake became aware of the issue.
  •  The Long Lake Area Association (Hubbard County) Inc and the neighbors are NOT opposed to commercial development on Long Lake.  They are NOT opposed to the development of additional RV Parks on Long Lake.  It was felt the location of the proposed RV Park, located within a residential neighborhood, on a sensitive wetland that would be harmed by additional boat traffic was not a good use of the property.
  • The Commissioners expressed reservations about how the land would be developed and that there wasn't a clear plan of how earth would be moved, vegetation spared and the environment protected.
  • The Commissioners expressed concern over promises made by the applicant as to how the RV Park would be developed and operated, in absence of a clear construction and operating plan, given the applicant's history of violating the Shoreline Ordinance and DNR Regulations.
We want to thank ALL of you for the tremendous efforts in coming together to help the neighborhood and the lake! There were 104 people who wrote letters and emails of concern to the Board of Adjustment/Planning Commission.  There were 83 people in attendance at their meeting.  While your letters and presence at the Planning Commission meeting did not change the outcome that day, the Hubbard County Commissioners received every letter and several read them all.  Many of you sent emails or called the Commissioners too.  The team that met with the individual Commissioners helped.  Two of the Commissioners toured the island and looked at the proposed site and the Henrietta Township roads.  We know the visits, meetings, letters, phone calls and emails made an impact on our Commissioners.

The issue was complex and our Commissioners take their job seriously.   Jobs, economic progress and tourism are critically important to the area economy and our Commissioners are rightfully very sensitive to this issue and needed to balance that with the environmental and neighborhood impact.   They did their homework, talked to neighbors, listened, asked questions, read the letters, studied data, and their reasons for denying the CUP were well thought out.

Sincerely, The Long Lake Area Association (Hubbard County) Inc, Board of Directors

Monday, October 8, 2018

October 6, 2018 Letter to LLAA Members

Dear Long Lake Area Association Members and Friends,

Here is an update on what has occurred since our last communication on 9/26/18 when we were awaiting some clarification from the Board of Adjustment & Planning Commission (BOA/PC) meeting.  We again want to make sure you have access to the important information.

Long Lake Area Association (Hubbard County) Inc, Board of Directors


   1. Please attend the Hubbard County Board of Commissioners Meeting on Tuesday, 10/16/18, at 9AM in Room 324 at the Hubbard County Government Center, 301 Court Ave, Park Rapids, MN.  We expect the Conditional Use Permit 2-CU-18 will be on the agenda for the proposed RV Park.  We will be able to listen and support our special Long Lake.  One representative of Neighborhood 6 will speak during the very short public comment period.
✔️Check agenda on 10/12/2018:  Hubbard County Commissoners_Board Meeting Documents

    2.  A small team from Neighborhood 6 will be meeting with individual commissioners next week in separate meetings.  We will focus on 4 areas:  environmental, neighborhood,  development concerns, and economic impact.  This will help the commissioners understand our perspective.

    3.    You can help now by sending an email to the County Commissioners regarding CUP 2-CU-18.  Use the same areas of concern above:  environmental, neighborhood and development concerns.  Address your comments to all 5 Commissioners – see email addresses below.  Note that they already have your comments through 9/19 and oral comments from 9/24.  So write about something different. As you write your email please tailor it with your own thoughts/words or personal examples. For the map of commissioners districts with full contact info Click Here.
        4.    Some other interesting information is contained in these attachments/links in         reference to the 9/24/2018 Board of Adjustment/Planning Commission meeting:
       5.  The LLAA Foundation granted funds for Attorney Peters who has shoreland ordinance expertise.

       6.   The video link of the 10/4/2018 Hubbard County Commissioner District 1 & 3 Candidate Forum sponsored by the Park Rapids League of Women Voters is available at the following link.  Long Lake spans these two Districts. 

    Sunday, September 16, 2018

    LLAA(HC) INC Expresses Concerns

    After the September 2nd, 2018 informational meeting of interested Long Lake property owners at Northwoods Bank and a discussion at the 9/8/18 board meeting, the LLAA Board of Directors voted to send a letter to the Hubbard County Planning Commission and Board of Adjustments regarding the proposed RV Park to be located on the northwest side of Long Lake.

    Lily Pads near proposed site
    Close up: Notice the abundance of other life near the lily pads

     The LLAA Board expressed their concerns that an RV Park at this particular lot would be detrimental to this area and the lake in general. It will significantly change the character of the channel leading to the property. These changes can affect the habitat for many plants including the lily pads (pictured), the fish, and eventually the ducks and loons. The neighbors often see loons in the area. This area is perfect for nesting loons. It is one of only five areas on the lake suitable for nesting loons.

    The Board is also concerned that stirring up the bottom sediment will release phosphorus into the rest of the lake.  This will affect the water quality/clarity for the entire lake as the water flows from the north to the south. 

    The Board included in its letter its responses to all of the variances and the Conditional Use Permit.

    Residents of Long Lake are encouraged to express their own concerns and attend the September 24, 2018 meeting of the Board of Adjustment and Planning Commission.

    Address Information Required for your comments.  Include:
    Subject: 2-CU-18 and 31-V-18. 
    Your complete name and address of residence, plus 
your Hubbard County address if applicable. 

    Send to
Eric Buitenwerf
, Environmental Services Director
    Hubbard County Environmental Services 
    301 Court Avenue

    Park Rapids, MN 56470

Wed 9/19/18 - 4:30PM - Final deadline for written comments for the CUP 2-CU-18 and the variance application 31-V-18. Comments received are provided to the BOA on 9/20 morning in time for the onsite property reviews.

Thurs 9/20/18 - 9:05AM (Plus or Minus 30 minutes) - Expected time for the Onsite Property Review to begin for the proposed RV Park. (So be there earlier than 9:05, like 8:50 AM, in case the BOA is ahead of schedule.) The public can observe the BOA onsite property review by following behind the BOA once they arrive and observe and listen. Please do not enter the lot until after the BOA arrives.

Monday 9/24/18 – 6PM - BOA Meeting for the Variances for 31-V-18 and others on agenda. The Planning Commission meeting follows the BOA meeting. During each meeting, there is a public comment opportunity for 3 minutes speaking time limit per speaker per agenda item. See the Meeting Procedure on Environmental Services Website or on the LLAA website on the Shoreland Ordinance tab.


    Friday, September 7, 2018

    Information Concerning Proposed RV Trailer Park on Long Lake

    Below is the letter that has just been emailed to all members on the details of a proposed RV Trailer Park on Long Lake. 

    September 6, 2018 
    Dear Long Lake Lakeshore Owners, 

    We want to inform you about applications for a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) and 5 variances to the Shoreland Ordinance (1 is an after-the-fact) that are being requested by a Long Lake property owner to build and operate a high density RV park on the northwest shore of Long Lake in the shallow bay on the north side of Pine Island (an area identified by the DNR as a public water wetland). The address is 18080 Emerald Island Circle, Hubbard County Parcel ID: 13.42.05000. 

    The proposal is to establish 14 RV sites, 6 tent camping sites, plus a bathhouse on 4.25 acres. The extended boat dock would be capable of housing 8 boats and lake service providers would be allowed to install boat lifts and/or personal watercraft lifts. For further details about the applications please see the Environmental Services Agenda. (You will see the link below.)  Please note the following sections:
    CUP 2-CU-18 page 35 ”Site Plan Parcel 13.42.05000” to orient you, plus page 55 “Conditional Use Permit – responses to August 29, 2018 letter” where it states “The shooting range will