Monday, April 14, 2014

LLAA's April 2014 Email from Arthur Howe

Two bills are before the Minnesota Senate and House, which could bring $250,000 to Hubbard County, and provide many decontamination units.

SF 2342 / HF 2855 – County Program Aid Modification & Appropriation

(related to local AIS work)
  • Sends $10 million to counties for local AIS work ($250,000 for Hubbard County)
  • Money is apportioned (50%) based on the number of watercraft ramps and 50% based on the number of watercraft trailer parking spaces at those ramps.  Areas with higher need are apportioned greater funding.
  • A county that receives funding must use the money soley to, “prevent the introduction of or limit the spread of invasive species at all access sites within the county, regardless of ownership or management.”
  • Funding begins in 2015 and thereafter.
SF 2707 / HF 2628 – Use of Weigh Stations and Rest Areas for AIS Inspection, Education, Decontamination
 - Requires the Commissioner of the DNR and the Commissioner of Transportation to “cooperate in an effort to use weigh stations and rest areas, where feasible, as sites for watercraft decontamination and other activities to prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species.”

These are very important bills.  Please e-mail your support to the Long Lake Legislators:
     - Steve Green – 02B – MN House:
     - Rod Skoe – 02 – MN Senate:
Don't live in Park Rapids?  Find “Who Represents Me” at Minnesota Legislature:

New!  See the MN DNR Annual Report to the Legislature on AIS for 2013:

Late News
MN DNR is offering new updated Aquatic Invasive Species Volunteer training in Detroit Lakes on 4/16/14, in Bemidji on 4/23/14 and in Walker on 5/7/14:
* Please let LLAA know if you complete this new training.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Crude Oil Pump Station Planned near Hubbard

The following is from our LLAA President, Sharon Natzel:

This is the Enbridge map showing the planned crude oil pump station near Hubbard.
(Enlarge the map by clicking on it.)
Enbridge Pipeline Map
As President of the LLAA, I encourage you to submit comments based on your own research to the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission regarding the Sandpiper Pipeline before 4/4/14 at 4:30 PM. The PUC link below describes the proposal, has a map at the end and clearly states the format for comments, what can be commented on, along with the address to send to, etc.

Your LLAA Board of Directors submitted a request for extension of the comment period and additional public meetings to the PUC as did The Hubbard County Commissioners, some other lake associations & townships, & League of Women Voters because many seasonal landowners are unable to fully participate.  Our Request is denied so get your comments in now please!

Included below are links from the 1/7/14 panel discussion on the pipeline hosted by the League Of Women Voters plus a link to a new group with science-based maps with pipeline overlay.

In the PDF files attached you’ll see:
1)  An example comment related to Long Lake based on my own personal research in the dockets 13-473 Certificate of Need and 13-474 Sandpiper Pipeline Route regarding the potential Hubbard Pumping Station (with Enbridge Maps) 
2)  A copy of my personal comments submitted to the PUC following the public meeting in Park Rapids, 3/12/2014.  I was only able to present 5 comments orally due to time constraints. These comments will appear in Docket 13-474 sometime.

Long Lake can’t form words - only waves!
Sincerely,  Sharon Natzel

Here are links for other resources including the Dockets link above:
1)  LWV Panelist 1:  Tracy M.B. Smetana, Public Advisor, Consumer Affairs Office, Minnesota Public Utilities Commission, 651-296-0406.  The MPUC link is above.
2)  Friends of the Headwaters is a group of local residents advocating for the protection of Northern Minnesota related to the pipeline: 
 Science-based maps show pipeline.
3)  LWV Panelist 2:  Lorraine Little, Senior Manager of Public Affairs, Enbridge; for more information about the Sandpiper project go to:
4)  LWV Panelist 3:  Presenter Winona LaDuke, Rural Development economist, author, and Director of Honor the Earth. She has earned degrees from Harvard, did graduate work at MIT and has a Masters in Rural Development.
5)  LWV Panelist 4:  Nathan Kestner, Regional Environmental Assessment Ecologist, MN DNR Division of Ecological & Water Resources, NW Region.  Email:

Example_Comments PDF 1
Example_Comments PDF 2

Monday, March 3, 2014

Environmentally Safe Bacterium Effective Against Zebra Mussels

Zebra Mussels Photo from US Geological Survey
A biologist, Dr. Daniel P. Molloy, has found a way to kill zebra mussels using a bacterium that kills the mussels but apparently has little or no effect on other organisms.  Some of Dr. Molloy's research references Lake Carlos in Minnesota and included in the interesting NY Times article about his work (link below) is a video (less than a minute) showing zebra mussels floating in their larval veliger stage.

New York Times Article from February 24, 2014:
Science Takes on a Silent Invader
StarTribune Article from March 10, 2014:
Questions answered by Dr. Molloy

Thursday, February 27, 2014

LLAA's March 2014 Email from Arthur Howe

If you vote in Hubbard Township or Henrietta Township, your physical presence and vote count!  Both the Hubbard and Henrietta Township Annual Meetings will be held on Tuesday, March 11th at 7 PM. Please attend your township meeting, and vote for your township's support of a donation of at least $2000 to the Hubbard County SWCD (Soil and Water Conservation District) for the Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) watercraft inspection prevention program on township lakes, in partnership with participating township lake associations.  The Henrietta Township Annual Meeting is at 19401 State Hwy 226 (Dorset road).  The Hubbard Township Annual Meeting is at the Hubbard Community Center.

Internet Photo from the National Parks Service

We here at LLAA are listening to you also.  We received 35 responses from the January 2014 LLAA e-mail survey.  You indicated the monthly e-mails have been educational, are sometimes shared, plus provided 11 ideas for future topics.  The website is used by 32 of these respondents.  The Spring / Autumn LLAA Newsletters are read by 97%, and shared with others about 50% of the time.  LLAA Facebook is utilized by about 1/3rd of the respondents.  Thank you for taking your time to help guide us in our LLAA communications endeavors.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Scenes from Hubbard Prairie Sleigh Festival

Participants had a good time in spite of the wind chill.  Those that braved the winds saw a great parade of sleighs along with snow sculptures, an old time camp, and historical displays.  They also got to eat first-rate chili.  (Some of the beans used in the chili were locally grown.)

The Long Lake Area Association again hosted events at the Community Center in Hubbard.  The displays included handmade replicas of logging equipment and tools made by Jerry Ritola, plus old time tools provided by Dick Schauer.  A big thank you to Sharon Natzel who organized our group.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Minnesota's DNR Eagle Cam Live

Eagle Photo from MN DNR Eagle Cam
The DNR's eagle cam is up and running again. It's focused on a nest in the Twin Cities area. Last year the pair laid eggs too early and they didn't hatch. This year there are two eggs that were just laid within the last 5 days, giving them a much better chance. Source: St. Paul Pioneer Press

Our link to the DNR's eagle cam is in the "Webcams" box on the right sidebar.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Something to Do!

Here's an idea for something to do over the next few weeks while winter is finally giving way to Spring..  (At least we hope Spring will win this battle.)

 In Little Falls, MN, only about 90 miles south of Long Lake, is the Minnesota Fishing Museum.  It is open Tues-Fri: 10-5 and weekends with other times by appointment.

"The Minnesota Fishing Museum (MFM) is a place where memories come alive and stories are told of days gone by. The collection of over 10,000 artifacts related to Minnesota fishing is beautifully displayed and lovingly maintained at 304 West Broadway in Little Falls, Minnesota.
Fishing has always played a vital role in the lives of Minnesotans, beginning with the Native Americans and the state’s earliest settlers. When it comes to fishing Minnesota is in a class all its own. The state offers 4 million acres of water and has 18,000 miles of waterways, rivers and streams.
" - quoted from the Museum's website.