Tuesday, November 4, 2014

LLAA's November 2014 Email from Arthur Howe

Photo by Marilyn Gainzband

What grand fish dinners Long Lake provides this loon family and our fishing community!

Photo by Marilyn Gaizband

See more Long Lake photos by Marilyn Gaizband: http://www.longlakeliving.org/2014/08/beautiful-sights-on-long-lake.html

Doug Kingsley, DNR Area Fisheries Manager (Park Rapids), has provided us with the preliminary results of the 2014 Fisheries Survey of Long Lake conducted on July 7-16, 2014.
・ Compared to 5 years ago the number of walleye, northern pike, and bass are stable.
・The sizes of northern pike and bass have increased slightly while the size of walleye is stable.
・There are more crappie and bluegill with crappie exhibiting smaller sizes.
View the report at:  LongLakeLiving.org_Lake Management

9 pound 9 ounce, 30 inch walleye
caught by Neil H. Stock on 7/4/13
Member Photo

Monday, October 6, 2014

Loon Migration

With the following link we refer you back to our 2011 blog post about an ongoing study of loon migration.  The links in the article take you to current information including the tracking of this year's (2014) loons.


Thursday, September 25, 2014

Fall Colors Near Peak

Morning, 09/25/07

The leaves in our area are nearing the peak of fall color for this year.  Following are links from the MN DNR to the state's "Fall Color Finder" map and a current fall color report for Itasca State Park:

Minnesota DNR Fall Color Finder
Fall Color Detail - Itasca State Park

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Beautiful Sights on Long Lake

Loon Family near Elizabeth Bruening's.
Photo by Marilyn Gaizband
Here on Long Lake, near the end of Crooked Pine Drive, there is a haven for wildlife; a natural shoreline of reeds and water lilies.  Also in this area is a ten foot buffer zone of native plants between Elizabeth Bruening’s lawn and the lake.
The combination provides all the ingredients for a wonderful life, including shelter for homes, safe access to food and water, and a relatively safe recreation space.  The wildlife does, however, keep watchful eyes on the sky for the bald eagles!

Elizabeth's friend, Marilyn Gaizband (a professional photographer), came to visit her in July of this year.  Marilyn especially enjoyed the wildlife photo opportunities from Elizabeth's dock and she has graciously shared her photographs with "Long Lake Living" for all of us to enjoy.

In the slideshow below you will see two loon chicks with their parents that hatched in the nearby reeds. You will also see a muskrat family in their summer home beneath the hollow under a birch clump.  The Great Blue Heron likely raised its young in the heron rookery nearby at Dogwood and 164th.  Neighbor, Al Kiecker, gets in some early fishing as the fog lifts.  Elizabeth is a great role model for us all, keeping a natural shoreline that helps provide important wildlife habitat for the creatures who are part of our "up north" experience.
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Some phones and tablets do not support Flash.  This is a link to the photos in this slideshow for those without Flash:  LongLakeLiving.org_Picasa Web Album_MG/EB

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Osprey and Loon Report

Good News for the Osprey Family that Nests on Hwy. 34 and North End of Long Lake

According to the Northwoods Press article by Carrie Hitchcock about our Osprey Family, next year their home base will be even broader than the narrow beam on the power pole (located at the north end of Long Lake and Hwy. 34) that they call home this summer.

(click on the article to enlarge)

Long Lake Loons

The Aquatic Vegetation Monitoring Team spotted 9 loons on the lake Wednesday, July 30th, during their morning sampling expedition. There were six adults and three chicks.  It takes a community to raise a family and that goes for loons too!  Lets all be very careful to stay clear of the loon families so the chicks are not disturbed!

Thanks to Sharon Natzel and Northwoods Press for the information in this post.