Shore Management

Restore the Shore Tree/Shrub/Plant and Seed Order Form 
May 2024

The 2024 deadline for submitting your "Restore the Shore" Tree Order form and payment for the delivery of trees in the Spring 2024 is coming up on

Must be Received by 

Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Please mail your "2024 Individual order form" with your check (payment to LLAA) to the following address:

Long Lake Area Association
PO Box 808
Park Rapids, MN 56470

Our Association "Restore the Shore" Coordinator, Sharon Natzel, will combine LLAA's order for the HC COLA/SWCD Restore the Shore program."   Near the end of April, 2024 Sharon will contact those that ordered on Long Lake to arrange the delivery of your order for when the product actually arrives around the first or second week of May 2024.

If you have questions, please call Sharon at 763-355-7908 or

Don't forget to check the variety of Plant Kits available on the last 2 pages of the order form.  Pricing is much more attractive than last year!

Remember our LLAA goal to reduce phosphorus in runoff and erosion!  One pound of phosphorus can produce up to 500 pounds of algae in the lake.  Trees, shrubs, buffers and rain gardens help!

Here are some helpful presentations related to Gardening Lake Friendly: 

 For ideas on kinds of plants to order, refer to the "Gardening Lake Friendly"                 Presentation by Keith Manlove during the LLAA 2020 Annual Meeting 

The "Lawns & Lakes - There is a Connection!" Workshop was first presented Sept 22, 2020 thanks to collaboration with the Hubbard county UMN Extension and the Hubbard County coalition of Lake Association, Karen Terry, retired Water Resource Management, UMN Extension, created the workshop.  Guest Master Gardener - Hubbard County, Keith Manlove gave an overview of the connection between land use and water quality.  Our lawn is our own mini watershed.  Through the method of "systems thinking" individuals learn techniques for changing their own lawns to help improve water quality.  


Long Lake Association has several members who are working on restoring the shore projects.   Below are some of their experiences and hints so that others can start their own projects. 

Some Possible Project Goals:
  • Protect the lake from runoff and fertilizer.
  • Enhance shoreline appearance.
  • Create a habitat for wildlife.  (birds, frogs and other water creatures)
  • Provide some of the installation labor.
  • Keep the cost reasonable.

This is an example of a rain garden catch basin that a family in neighbor 2 had built.  The basin is to collect and filter water.  Then letting it evaporate slowly so no run off such as organic matter and nutrients get to the lake.




Read pages 2 & 6 of the Fall 2014 newsletter for articles about these projects:


Below is an example of fully grown rain garden