Fish Stories

Long Lake Fishing Stories Featuring Kids
The links below are a collection of photos and stories featuring kids catching fish on Long Lake.

It began with a Kid’s Fishing Contest that has since been discontinued, but those stories and more are now accessible by using the links below.  We will add stories as you all continue to submit photos for us to publish of the fun your kids & families are having catching fish on Long Lake.  Ideas for information to include when you send a photo would be things like where on the lake the fish was caught, time of day, how big it was, what bait or lure was used, who they were fishing with, and what made this time special.
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 Be sure to abide by MN DNR fishing regulations:

2019: Ian Fishing with a Guide
2019: Ryanna's Fish Story
2019: Emily and Lily's Fish Story
2019: Brody's Fish Story
2019: Noah's Fish Story
2019: Eli's fish story


2018: Taylor's Fish Story
2018: Gabby's Fish Story
2018: Taylor's Fish Story
2108: Gabby's Fish Story
2018: Teyla's Fish Story
2018: Owen's Fish Story


2017: Spenser's Fish Story
2017: Landon's Fish Story
2017: Sophia's Fish Story
2017: Alex's Fish Story
2017: Ella's Fish Story
2017: Kierra's Fish Story 
2017: Noah's Fish Story  
2017: Ellie's Fish Story 
2017: Sophia E's Fish Story 
2017: Megan's Fish Story 
2017: Lucas's Fish Story 
2017: Logan's Fish Story 
2017: Jeff's Fish Story


2016: Ella's Fish Story
2016: Hailey's Fish Story
2016: Joe's Fish Story
2016: Belle's Fish Story
2016: Taylor's Fish Story
2016: Owen's Fish Story


2015: Rylan's Fish Story