Ron Shearer surfing and the results of a Burnett family fishing trip

This page is dedicated to the gathering and sharing our family stories of Long Lake.   Below are links to stories, documents and other items from Association Members.  

The most recent entry will be at the top of the list. 

Each story is shared here with hopes of inspiring others to share their stories.   Please remember these are your neighbors sharing what they remember.  If there are any additions or corrections, email your concerns to CC at longlakeliving@gmail.com

Scroll down to the end of this page for a tutorial on how to write up your family stories. 

History - Story Links:


Following are links to copies of the Minutes of the Pine Haven Lake Shore Property Owners Association (PHA). The group was active in the 1950s through the 1960s with many of the same goals as LLAA.
PHA minutes, 1957
PHA minutes, 1959
PHA minutes, 1960
PHA minutes, 1962
From "Lake 'Winnie' Fishing Excursion"

More story links:

Tom Rice's blog about lake brochures from 1930s to 1970s - Tom's blog has many samples of the brochures that he is collecting about Park Rapids from Fuller's Tackle Shop to Hamilton's Island.  Explore the different entries, you may find something familiar.

Slide Show & More:

Click here to check out Ren Holland's website about the early resorts in Hubbard County. Scroll down the list to find Long Lake

This is a slide show of pictures of Hamilton Island from Jim Cashman. 
 (click on the presenter button in the upper right corner to activate the slide show) 
 Also check out the interview with Mr. Hedstrom by Dr. Scott.  Mr. Hedstrom was one of the owners of the resort.

* "Interview with Mr. Hedstrom" by Dr. Scott

* "Cabin Legacy" by Steve Kinney - Steve Kinney shared several pictures and recollections of his family's Long Lake history.  If you have trouble viewing it try to zoom in or out, that seems to help with the pictures.

At every gathering of Long Lake residents, we start off the same way:

"How long has your family been coming to the lake?

"How did you first learn about Long Lake?"

"Where on the Lake is your cabin?"

Find your abstract and see the history of your property:

 On the left are scans of an Abstract for the land that Bella Sanders’ family owned that was a part of Pine Haven Beach which was plotted in 1922.  The abstract starts with the date 1868 but was not filed until 1906. This land was part of a law that gave land to soldiers after the Civil War.  This is only part of a very long document. 

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When people get more comfortable, the stories start to unfold.

One tells of a fishing expedition with a grandparent and another tells a story about picnics, rowing down the lake to a small store or about getting ice for the ice box.

Or maybe the stories start with a picture,  an old post card or an old brochure. 

These are the stories we want to collect for our Long Lake History Book.  They are the remembrances that we want our children to know about.

So start going through your old pictures and "stuff."  (Remember - details make the stories come alive.)  Then send those pictures and stories to me.  I will format them and post them below.  If you have difficulty posting pictures, scanning, etc. just email CC [longlakeliving@gmail.com].  We can scan pictures when you are at the lake this summer.